Senin, 28 Maret 2016

What Do You Fighting For

Salam Readers ..
Long time I haven't Posting my daily life story
Am I busy ? No , Not Ever 
Am I Lazy to write ? hmmm.. I am what in your mind lol
anw it was yesterday I feel so blessed cause i have finished my graduation alhamdulillah one step closer. So for my friends maybe now fighting for your thesis because we know this is our years. I see one of my exactioner ( Our name group when we were at Senior High School ) She has finished too for her thesis exam. She is Aii . Congraduation dear ^^_
after this just think you want to school at magister of law and people will ask you where do you work now or maybe theres people will ask you when you get merried :p
How a hard question..

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