Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Sun Day

Reader How`s Life?
I hope We are okey, happy and always at Allah`s way aamin ya
Today I wake up at 05.00 am
Don`t forget to meet with mirror give a suggestion for happy today hehe
Yaa I do it every single day
Since I was gone workshop 6 month ago. I was Learned about Hypno , especially about hypno birthing. Hypno isn`t difficult like I think lately cause if you say to somebody example "excuse me can you help me to close the door please?" That a part of hypnosis away
But our theme today isn`t
Pups stop I call (Read : Basa basi :p)
My plan today is help my mom to clean our beloved home , yaaa I have to help my mom cause my uncle will coming home soon
Yayyy but until I write this story my brother still waiting there because the flight is delay
Huah happy waiting abangs
But plan just plan one of my friend message me that we have to go my lecture`s home now cause she want to go , she have another business
I haven`t take a shower yet
What must I do while my friend is very late to tell me. She is on the way when she message me
But I suggest my self to Still calm down haha
Let I go to take a shower and wearing my clothes fastly
After that I wait another friend to call me and we go to together
With enjoying way but while another side I have to get my lecture`s TTD
And WHAT HAPPENING *drummroll
My beautiful lecture`s isn`t take a shower yet lol
My lecture say let coming inside
Then tralala I got it alhamdulillah
So where we go next
I say to my friend let search a cafe to lunch
My friend say up to me hmmm lets think and finally I choose Fashion & Food Cafe
This is the result
Alhamdulillah Thanks For today gengs
Thanks for accompanying me
Have you listen "where there`s a will there is a way? "
Believe it and the miracle will come to you soon
Last I love write because it automatically upgrade my knowledge about everything

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